Terms of Use


1.1. Richie App Rewards is a loyalty platform where you can accumulate points, which can later be exchanged for gift cards or other special promotions.

1.2. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected].  


2.1. Upon installing our App or registering through our App or Website (both collectively referred to as the “App”), you express your agreement to these terms of use (“Terms”) and consent to avail of our services (“Services”).  

2.2. Our Services encompass the gathering of your Twitch data to retrieve information aimed at video streaming and displaying video advertisements (details provided below). No other conditions are implied unless by recognized trade customs or consistent transactions. These Terms outline the contractual bond between Richie App Rewards and you concerning the Services.  

2.3. In conjunction with our Privacy Policy, these Terms will be applicable upon your membership initiation with Richie App Rewards. Prior to registration, it’s imperative that you thoroughly review these Terms. Your registration signifies your acceptance of these Terms. If you disagree, please refrain from registering.  


3.1. For registration, you are required to log in using your Twitch account. Following this, we will access and store your user data from Twitch in our database.  

3.2. The user data procured consists of your Twitch username, email, twitchId, list of users you follow on Twitch, and other relevant details such as the date of your first login (registration), device specifics, geolocation, and IP address.  

3.3. There might be instances when we seek supplementary information from you, especially when you’re keen on redeeming specific rewards. This is in cases where the associated third party demands certain data for the reward. This could be details like your complete name, contact number, or identification proof. Prior to sharing such details, it’s recommended to review the privacy policy of the concerned third party.  

3.4. Each individual is allowed a single membership only.  

3.5. You must be a minimum of 13 years old to register, log in, or utilize the App.  


4.1. Upon procuring your Twitch data, our Services will function as outlined: (a) A list of individuals you follow on Twitch will be displayed within our App.  

(b) You have the option to select and view a streamer.  

(c) For each minute of viewing, you’ll be credited with 1 Point, termed a “Watch Point”. A single “Watch Point” is equivalent to a minute of streaming.  

(d) If your “Watch Points” diminish to zero, you can view “rewarded video ads” offered by our Partners. This will allow you to gain more “Watch Points” and continue enjoying the streams.  

4.2. It’s your responsibility to verify the accurate crediting of Points in your account post-award.  

4.3. Points are exclusive to individual users and cannot be shared, transferred, or pooled among members.  


5.1. Accumulated Points can be exchanged for gift cards or other promotional incentives periodically available on our App.  

5.2. Each redeemable item will have a distinct exchange rate, which will be explicitly mentioned in the offer. For instance, a €10 gift card for a specific outlet might require the redemption of 1000 Points, while a similar €10 gift card for another outlet might demand just 500 Points.  

5.3. Points can be redeemed once you achieve the requisite number specified for a chosen gift card or offer.  

5.4. Points are only exchangeable for the listed gift cards or promotional offers and cannot be converted to cash under any circumstances.  

5.5. “Watch Points” serve exclusively for streaming purposes and cannot be redeemed.  

5.6. Availability or stock of certain gift cards or offers might be limited.  

5.7. Richie App Rewards is not accountable for any stock constraints or unavailability issues.  

5.8. If we discern any misuse or abuse of the Services or Points, or if we suspect unauthorized possession of Points, we reserve the right to refuse redemption, adjust your Points balance, or even terminate or suspend your account.  


6.1. In exchange for accessing select premium features, you have the choice to become a peer on the Bright Data network. By opting for this, you confirm having perused and accepted the Terms of Service of Bright SDK EULA and Bright Data’s Privacy Policy. To discontinue participation in the Bright Data network, you can simply uninstall the associated application.  


7.1. Some of the gift cards, offers, or products provided by Richie App Rewards come with a manufacturer’s warranty. For specific terms and conditions associated with these products, please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty that accompanies the items.  

7.2. If you reconsider your choice concerning a gift card or offer, Richie App Rewards will not refund or reinstate the Points utilized for that particular redemption.  


8.1. As mandated by data protection laws, we are obligated to furnish specific details including our identity, the manner in which we handle your personal data, the purposes behind such processing, your rights concerning your personal data, and the procedure to exercise them. This comprehensive information is elucidated in our privacy policy, and it’s crucial that you acquaint yourself with it.  


9.1. Richie App Rewards retains the right, without any restrictions, to terminate or suspend your account immediately and without prior notification, regardless of whether there’s a breach of the Terms.  

9.2. Additionally, grounds for account termination include: (a) Employing VPNs, proxies, or other software tools to alter your IP address.  

(b) Submitting incorrect details while availing offers or attempting to deceive Richie App Rewards staff for the sake of earning points.  

(c) Operating multiple accounts from the same IP address or by a single user.  

(d) Deploying software to mechanize interactions with the App, be it for streaming purposes or for availing offers.  

9.3. If you wish to end this agreement or deactivate your membership, you can do so by reaching out to us via email.  


10.1. For comprehensive insights about the App or Service, or to address any issues you might encounter while using them, we recommend browsing the support resources available on our website.  

10.2. If you perceive any faults or discrepancies in the App or Services, or if you wish to communicate with us for any other purpose, kindly send us an email.  

10.3. In scenarios where we need to reach out to you, our primary communication channels will be either email or push notifications.  


11.1. Richie App Rewards grants you a personal right to use the App and the Service as delineated above. Transferring the App or the Service to another individual, irrespective of the terms – be it monetary, barter, or gratuitous – is strictly prohibited. If you decide to sell a device with the installed App, it’s mandatory to uninstall the App before the sale.  


12.1. Occasionally, it may become necessary for us to revise these Terms. This could be in response to legislative alterations, the adoption of industry best practices, to incorporation of collaborations with external parties, or to the introduction of new features.  

12.2. We commit to providing a minimum of 3 days’ notice for any such modifications. This will be conveyed through an email, push notification, or a notification displayed the next time you access the App.  

12.3. If you choose not to consent to the updated Terms, unfortunately, you’ll be unable to continue utilizing the App and its associated Services.  


13.1. Periodically, we may introduce automatic updates to the App and implement changes to the Service. These changes aim to boost performance, augment functionality, accommodate operating system updates, or address security concerns. In certain instances, we might prompt you to manually update the App for the aforementioned reasons.  

13.2. If you decline these updates or deactivate the automatic update feature, it might impede your ability to access and utilize the App and its Services.  


14.1. Should you choose to download or stream the App on a phone or device that isn’t owned by you, it’s imperative to secure the device owner’s consent. Regardless of the device’s ownership status, you remain obligated to adhere to these terms.  


15.1. Our App or Services may occasionally feature links directing users to independent websites that aren’t managed or provided by Richie App Rewards. We don’t exercise control over these external sites and are neither accountable for their content nor have vetted and endorsed their privacy measures.  

15.2. It’s your responsibility to critically evaluate these external sites. This includes any decisions to engage with their offerings, be it products, services, or content.  


16.1. By using our App and Services, you concur to: (a) Refrain from duplicating the App or Services, with exceptions for standard usage or necessary backup and operational security measures.  

(b) Avoid translating, merging, adjusting, varying, or modifying any component of the App or Services, and ensure they aren’t integrated or combined with other software unless such actions are essential for using the App and Services as allowed by these terms.  

(c) Not engage in disassembly, decompilation, reverse engineering, or the creation of derivative works based on any portion of the App or Services, and not to attempt such actions.  

(d) Adhere to all relevant technological controls and export regulations pertaining to the tech utilized or backed by the App or any Service.  


17.1. As a user, you are mandated to

(a) Utilize the App and Services in a lawful manner and not engage in any illegal activities, or act maliciously, such as by introducing harmful code or data.  

(b) Respect our intellectual property rights as well as those of third parties, ensuring your usage of the App or Services doesn’t infringe upon these rights, beyond what’s permitted by these terms.  

(c) Avoid transmitting any content via the App or Services that could be seen as defamatory, offensive, or inappropriate in any way.  

(d) Ensure your interaction with the App or Services doesn’t jeopardize our system’s integrity or security, or hinder the experience of other users.  

(e) Refrain from extracting information or data from our Services or systems or attempting to decode transmissions to/from servers operating any Service.  


18.1. Your use of our App and Services doesn’t grant you any intellectual property rights over them. The only rights you possess are those of usage, strictly in alignment with these terms.  


19.1. We don’t evade or diminish our liability towards you in scenarios where doing so would be legally impermissible. This encompasses liability stemming from our negligence or the negligence of our affiliates, agents, or subcontractors leading to death or personal injury, as well as liability due to fraud or deceitful misrepresentation.  

19.2. We disclaim responsibility for business-associated losses. Richie App Rewards is intended for personal, non-commercial use. Should you employ the App for business, commercial, or resale objectives, we aren’t liable for any profit losses, business losses, disruptions, or lost business opportunities.  

19.3. Regularly backup your data. It’s advisable to routinely backup content and data associated with the App to safeguard against potential issues with the App or Services. 

19.4. Ensure App compatibility. Richie App Rewards and its Services haven’t been tailored to cater to unique individual needs. Ensure the App’s features align with your expectations and requirements.  

19.5. We disclaim liability for uncontrollable events. If uncontrollable events impede our service provision or App support, we’ll promptly notify you and mitigate the effects. As long as we adhere to this, any delays caused by such events won’t render us liable. In case of significant delays, you have the option to terminate your contract with us and seek refunds for prepaid but undelivered Services.  

19.6. In the event of cancellation due to uncontrollable circumstances, your account balance will revert to zero.  


20.1. In cases of significant breaches of these terms on your part, we reserve the right to terminate your access to the App and Services. If the breach is rectifiable, we’ll afford you a reasonable window to address it.  

20.2. Upon termination: (a) All activities sanctioned by these terms must cease, encompassing App and Service usage.  

(b) The App must be uninstalled from all your devices, with all copies eradicated. You must confirm this action to us.  

(c) We reserve the right to remotely access your devices, remove the App, and halt your access to our Services.  


21.1. We have the right to transfer our responsibilities and rights under this agreement to another entity. In such instances, we’ll notify you in writing, ensuring your rights remain unaffected.  


22.1. Transferring your rights or obligations under these terms to another individual requires our written consent.  

22.2. This agreement doesn’t entitle third parties to enforce any of its terms.  

22.3. These terms are constituted by individual clauses. If any are deemed illegal, the remainder continues to be effective.  

22.4. Our ability to enforce this contract remains intact despite any enforcement delays. Non-immediate enforcement of these terms doesn’t exempt you from your obligations.  

22.5. These terms are regulated by Turkish law, and any legal proceedings related to the products can be initiated in Turkish courts.